The objectives

The main objectives of SAFEWIRE are:

Scientific Objective

  • To gain increased scientific understanding of the transmission of ultrasound in a bundle of multi-core cables.

Technical objectives

  • To develop a transducer array and clamping system capable of generating ultrasound in a bundle of cables.
  • To develop a handheld pulser/receiver flaw detector capable of exciting the transducer array and of transmitting ultrasound along the cable bundle.
  • To develop software capable of controlling the pulser/receiver and of displaying the output so that the longitudinal position of any flaw can be determined.

Integration objective

  • To develop a complete pre-production prototype system comprising the above components and with the above capabilities and within cost limits.

Validation objective

  • To prepare a safety case for submission to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), as an outcome of trials carried out under the supervision of a selected validation centre, in which the SAFEWIRE system will be assessed in comparison to current wire inspection methods. This safety case will, in due course, form the basis for certification of the SAFEWIRE technology as a recognised method of wiring inspection.

However, to take the system through to full certification is beyond the scope of the SAFEWIRE project.